W.H. Shipman is committed to careful master planning that integrates and balances its land use with the needs of the growing Puna district. Planning activities are a critical part of a process that ensures a sustainable balance with acreage in diversified agriculture, fee simple lots in the Business Park that provide excellent opportunities for both start up and maturing companies, commercial growth around the village of Keaʻau that provides much needed jobs and services for residents of Puna and all of East Hawaii, and housing in a carefully planned setting with parks, schools and other amenities to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for those who live and work in Keaʻau.

The Company continues to look for land uses to meet present and future needs of Hawaiʻi Island. More than two generations ago, Shipman provided land for what remains Puna’s largest regional park for community use. The Shipman Business Park encourages new job creation in a carefully planned, incremental project with high standards where tenants have the advantage of fee-simple and leasehold lots. These businesses provide an important economic base for residents of Keaʻau, and all of Puna as well as Hilo. The company is also committed to affordable housing opportunities to provide a high quality living environment for those who live and work in East Hawaiʻi and Puna. The company believes that residential communities should be served with roads built to County standards, safe and reliable water and waste water systems and ample parks to provide for family and community recreation.



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