*Associate Membership Only:

Payment of annual dues may be prorated by the balance of remaining months for that fiscal year.

Additional Fees:

Initiation Fee

There is a one-time initiation fee for new members. This fee is $25.00.

Political Action Assessment

There is an annual assessment of $50.00 per year per firm for the HICA Political Action Committee (PAC), billed at the beginning of each fiscal year or upon becomming a member within the year. This assessment is not deductible for income tax purposes.


  1. Initiation fee and PAC assessment are not prorated.
  2. No refunds on all fees and dues upon resignation of member
  3. The initiation fee ($25.00) will accompany the application, and will be held until the application is approved by the Board of Directors. Upon approval by the Board, the secretary of the association will notify the new member by letter. The initiation fee will be applied and an invoice for dues payable and the PAC fee will be sent to the new member, along with a membership handbook.

For more information about joining the Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association, please Contact Us.