All 15 candidates running for Mayor were invited to submit 10 videos responding to 10 questions, a headshot and biography. Candidates who submitted their files on time are posted below in alphabetical order by last name. Please take the time to read their biographies and watch their videos.

Headshots and biographies

Neil Azevedo Bio-HICC.pdf

Hawai`i County Mayoral Candidates

Paul Bryant bio.pdf

Bob Fitzgerald Bio.pdf

Kelly Greenwell Bio.pdf

Stacy Higa bio.pdf

Wendell Kaehuaea bio.pdf

Yumi Kawano Bio.pdf

Harry Kim bio.pdf

Ikaika Marzo bio.pdf

Mitch Roth Bio.pdf

Mike Ruggles bio.pdf

Tante Urban Bio.pdf

Lahi Marlin Verschuur bio.pdf


What are your specific plans to provide affordable housing for Big Island residents? What are your specific plans to address the homeless/houseless population on the Big Island?

Do you have a plan for improving mass transit on the Big Island, and if so, what is it? Do you have a plan for promoting and facilitating virtual mobility on the Big Island (such as wi-fi hotspots), and if so, what is it?

Detail your specific plans for economic and community recovery post COVID-19 on the Big Island, both for the short- and long-term.

Explain programs you will implement to ensure food security and sustainability on the Big Island.

Please provide your position on building the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). If you support this project, what will you do as Mayor to ensure its success? If you oppose this project, what are your plans to bring this conflict to an end?

Please provide your position on the future of astronomy for Hawai`i Island. What are your plans to support the continuation and growth of this and other scientific and clean industries?

Economists predict an increased exodus of local residents to the mainland in search of better paying jobs and career opportunities. Many of our children have already left the island with no intent of returning. What will you do as Mayor to develop and support new industries and businesses to create good paying career opportunities for island residents?

What are your most important personal values, and how will they influence programs you will implement on the Hawai‘i Island?

Our County’s extreme dependency on fossil fuel for energy – exacerbated by the recent eruption – has severe impacts economically, environmentally and socially on residents and businesses in every corner of this island. As Mayor, what would be your top two strategies to pursue alternative lower cost baseload energy production for this island.

Please tell us why you are running for Mayor of Hawai‘i County and what qualifies you to earn our vote.

Participating organizations:

Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce

Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawai‘i

Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce

Hawai‘i Island REALTORS®

Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association

Hawai‘i Island Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce

Waimea Community Association

West Hawaii Association of REALTORS®

Kanoelehua Industrial Area Association